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The meeting agenda included an update our or current Strategic Plan 2023-2027, the presentation of our members report 2022-2024, a full presentation of our key developments and objectives for the forthcoming year. Awards were presented for Scottish Volleyball’s players and coaches of the season 2023/24. Two new Board Directors were appointed and ratified and to conclude the afternoon session, members voted to decide the President and Vice-President (elect) for our sport.


Awards: season 2023/24

Men’s Player of the year – Pawel Kunsyz (Edinburgh Jets VC)

Women’s Player of the year – Aleksandra Kalinowska (Edinburgh Jets VC)

Coach of the year for a male team – James Orr (Su Ragazzi VC)

Coach of the year for a female team – Nikola Zlatev (Glasgow International VC)


Appointed Board Directors:

Technical Director – Bill Stobie

Performance Director – Gary Fraser

Scottish Volleyball’s members vote

President (elect) – Andrew Fleming

Vice-President (elect) – Simon Loftus


As CEO I want to thank all those members and clubs who attended. For the preparations, reports and presentations given by Board, Commissions and staff. For the appointed scrutineers who oversaw the voting process and counting of votes, Scott Borthwick (Scottish Volleyball’s Chair of the Board and Legal Director, Dave Munro (a Scottish Volleyball Lifetime member and past President) and Dominque Hewitson (Scottish Volleyball’s Special Events President). And finally, a special note of congratulations to all newly appointed Board Directors, the award winners and to the President and Vice President elects

It was a wonderful and busy day, full of engagement and purpose. Members participation and voice is core to a successful and prosperous organisation, as a sport we look forward to our next members meeting in 2025 and encourage each and every one of you to attend.

We are Volleyball 2023 -2027 Strategic Plan

Members Report 1st April 2022 – 31st March 2024

Chief Executive Presentation

Head of Development Presentation

Minutes of members meeting and appointments