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Responding to a Concern

Responding to a Concern

A complaint, concern or allegation may come from a number of sources: the child, one of their friends, their coach, a parent or someone else within your organisation. It may involve the behaviour of a volunteer/employee, or something that has happened to the child outside the sport e.g. at home or at school. Children may confide in adults they trust, in a place where they feel safe.

A report/concern may range from mild verbal bullying to physical or sexual abuse. If you are concerned that a child may be being abused, it is NOT your responsibility to investigate.

It takes considerable courage for a child to disclose abuse. Allegations of abuse must always be taken seriously.  If a child says or indicates they are being abused or information is obtained which gives concern that a child is being abused the information must be responded to on the same day in line with the following procedure:  

How to respond to a Disclosure
How to respond to concerns about a child
Incident Report Form

Clubs are never alone in responding and managing a concern and even if it appears to be a low level concern advice and support is always available.

Who to report to:

Police:  If the concern is urgent and a child is at immediate risk of harm call the police straight away.
Emergencies – 999
Non Emergencies – 101

Club contact – Your Wellbeing & Protection Officer is trained to handle your concern in the first instance

Scottish Volleyball contact – Danny Traylor: Welfare Officer

Danny is the point of contact for all serious wellbeing and protection cases and queries:
Tel – 07437993737
Email –