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Wellbeing & Protection Officer

Wellbeing & Protection Officer

A Wellbeing and Protection Officer (WPO) is an essential role within clubs. They ensure the sport is safe for all and are there to assist with wellbeing and protection of children and adults and to promote the club policies and procedures. They act as the main contact for any wellbeing concerns within the club.

Steps to be a WPO

1. You must have an active Scottish Volleyball membership.

2. Submit a Self-Declaration Form and references to your club committee for review. Scottish Swimming does not require to see a copy of these, your club should review them as part of the safer recruitment process.

3. A PVG is required for this role since a Wellbeing and Protection Officer is a regulated role. Please refer to the PVG & Referrals section. Normally, a PVG is required prior to starting a regulated role. However, for the WPO role, if there is no other WPO in position, the new WPO has one month’s grace to have a PVG in place.

4.  If you will be processing PVG applications for the club, then you are required to have an ID Checker Contract in place. Scottish Volleyball cannot process PVG applications or suitability checks without this. A contract is required for every person submitting PVG checks to Scottish Volleyball, so if applying to become a 2nd WPO, if you will be helping with PVGs and Safer Recruitment, then this contract is required. A club can have multiple ID checkers in place to share the workload.

5. Complete both required training workshops (CWPS and CWPO) within 6 months of taking up the role. To find out more about these courses and how to book, please speak to Danny Traylor.

After appointing new club member

A WPO is responsible for ensuring that Club Members are compliant with the Scottish Volleyball Safeguarding Standards.

The following is required for all non-athlete members with a club:

  • The club follow the safer recruitment process (this applies to all positions, whether paid or voluntary, and whether regulated or not). Please see the separate section for details.
  • For all members in regulated roles, they must also have the following:
  1. Active PVG for your club BEFORE taking up the role (there is an exception for a club with no Chair or WPO in place, when a month’s grace is allowed for those positions only). The club should apply to Scottish Volleyball for a regulated role suitability check for all new members.
  2. Active CWPS training within 6 months of taking up the role. Please note a CWPS credential must be active at all times; members are notified when their credential is due to expire, but the WPO has access to reports which details expiry dates. A member without active CWPS after 6 months in the role will be suspended from their regulated role.