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Affiliate with Scottish Volleyball

– Details on how to affiliate below!

Why affiliate with Scottish Volleyball?

Affiliation means becoming a member of the National Association. You can do this regardless of the level or nature of your involvement in Scottish Volleyball. By affiliating, you will identify your interest in the sport and in its future, and you will act to improve the register of members that forms the basis of a strong local and national network of “Volleyballers”. The register of members also provides numerical support for the Volleyball in Scotland’s standing in the eyes of the media, local authorities, grant aiding bodies, etc. 

Your affiliation will enable you to access benefits available only to members – some of which are explained below:

  • Access to the SCHOOL REGIONAL FESTIVAL PROGRAMME and participation events for all age groups, genders, all over the country.
  • Participate in the SCOTTISH SCHOOLS CUP, which has access for all ages groups and genders, a great opportunity for competition and for a change to be part of the big day that is the National School Cup Finals Day (or National Cup Finals Weekend for Senior Pupils).
  • Support from Scottish Volleyball’s dedicated Regional Development Staff.
  • Access to exclusive Online Resources designed for either Primary School or Secondary School Pupils to support you in lessons and in extra-curricular clubs. These include lots of videos demonstrating skills, talking about volleyball development, complete lesson plans from USA Volleyball, competition structures, and some reading material on Volleyball.
  • A free CPD session for all the teachers at your school exploring how to deliver Volleyball successfully in Core PE, as part of Curriculum for Excellence, for National 5/Higher/Advanced Higher exams, and as an Extra-Curricular Club.
  • Reduced-Rate access to Coaching Courses and other Coach Education Courses for all pupils.

How to Affiliate

  1. Navigate to our Membership Database at and either sign-in or create an account.
  2. Once you’ve got your account, give the Scottish Volleyball Office a phone (or send us an email – ) and we’ll either add you to your school and make you a School Admin or we’ll create an account for your school then add you to your school and make you a School Admin.
  3. Navigate to the “My Club” section in the menu bar and select “Club Affiliation”.
  4. Select “Club Membership” then “renew or add new membership”. Make sure you select Primary School or High School as appropriate.
  5. You can then pay by Debit or Credit Card, pay by BACS transfer, or get in touch to discuss other options if they don’t work for you.

If you’re playing a school competition or want to enter pupils onto a course, then just follow the simple steps below:

  • Navigate to the “My Club” section in the menu bar and select “Data Import”.
  • Follow the instructions to import your pupils.
  • Navigate to the “My Club” section in the menu bar and select “Bulk Renew”.
  • Now you can select everyone and give them a Tier 3 Membership.
  • If you’re entering them on a Coaching or Referee Course, click “Events and Courses” at the top of the screen and then find the appropriate event. From here you can complete a club booking on behalf of the member.