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Safe Recruitment for
your Club

Safer Recruitment is a vital element in providing safe sport for all. Having a standardised process in place means every new person to a club is treated in the same way. This is important since evidence suggests that abusers gravitate to situations where little vetting/checking is in place. If all clubs follow the Safer Recruitment process, we can be assured that we are doing our best to have confidence that unsuitable people are prevented from working with children and/or vulnerable adults in our sport.

Safe Recruitment Process

Before appointing new club member

For any new member to your club (who is not an athlete) there are specific steps to be followed before they can be allowed to take up the role. This applies to all roles, regulated AND not. The additional element for regulated roles is that they require a PVG/suitability confirmation from Scottish Volleyball.

There are downloads available for the club to use to collect self declarations and references from new members (Scottish Volleyball do not require these to be returned to them, these are for club use only). There is also a copy of the “Recruiting with convictions” policy and Scottish Volleyball’s Welfare Officer can support with queries about this.

The following steps are required for all club members before appointment:

After appointing new club member

Following appointment of a new member, it is important that the club offers support to the member to have the tools to carry out their role –this could formal training, informal mentoring or shadowing of others in the role. This step can make the experience more rewarding for the volunteer, but equally it can help develop a long term partnership. The following steps are best practice: