SCOTTISH VOLLEYBALL MACvolley Festival Information


Registering For Scottish Volleyball School Festivals

This year sees a new and exiting year for school volleyball participation through our MACvolley Programme.  

We are using GoMembership Database to allow for a better and more modern user system for schools to ensure that registering, amending and receiving information is a quick and automatic as possible. 

We are honoured to have the endorsement of our Olympic Athletes from London 2012 for our national festivals, with each individual attending (in person or via video link) their festival to INSPIRE our next generation of school volleyball players. 

This page contains all you need to know about Scottish Volleyball’s MACvolley National School Festival Programme. 



  • Participation any Scottish Volleyball School’s competition is only open to affiliated schools. If not already affiliated your school can affiliate HERE. Or contact the SVA OFFICE who can provide you with an online account to affiliate. 
  • Each School Festival has it’s own Event Page where you can register your number of teams for the event. 
  • You can create an Account to manage all your entries all in the one place, so you know how many teams you have entered for each event as well as being able to easily access information on the events themselves. You will be able to edit your team entries if necessary via your account. 
  • If a Festival is sold-out you can still register your teams on the waiting list. You will automatically be notified immediately if a School withdraws a team giving you the option to take their place. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your registration please bring this along to the festival. 
  • The enter process for all School competitions is FREE. The only costs associated with School Festivals is £3 per pupil. This entitles this pupils to play in all school festivals and Schools Cup competitions for the entirety of the 2019-2020 season. 
  • This process of registering the individual pupils participation is an essential requirement for Scottish Volleyball as an association. 
  • There are two ways to register your pupils. You can register them via your online SVA account (please contact SVA Office for details) or Alternatively Registration sheets, which need to be filled out fully and accurately, are available here – Membership Form (Under 16) & Membership Form (16 & Over)
  • Payment can be Invoiced on a yearly basis from the SVA office. Non-payment will result in the school being unable to participate in any further school volleyball competitions. 
  • Schools that withdraw from the festival after entry will be liable for a cancellation fee equal to £25 per team entered. 


  • Registration for each event will close at 0930, Upon which the festival will commence with a briefing from the organiser or event sponsor. 
  • All festivals will aim to be finished at 1450 with a short presentation at the end of the day before departure at 1500
  • Teams will play a round of qualifying pools in the morning and a further round of pools in the afternoon against teams of similar ability. There will be no Play-Offs or finals, just group play, to maximise participation



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  • Each Participant shall receive a form of certification for their attendance at the festival 
  • A spirit of the tournament award will be present to an individual who shows the greatest dedication, team-working and best attitude throughout the event
  • Music and video will be played throughout the day to create the best possible atmosphere for the pupils to enjoy.
  • In order to compete at a schools festival players must be of the correct school year or lower. 
  • Players should all be from the same school, however, Players from school’s which do not compete in SVA competitions may apply for dispensation to play with another school in the interests of participation. For more information please contact the Youth & Schools Commission.
  1. The Libero Rule:  In order to encourage the all-round development of young players, the Libero Rule WILL NOT be adopted for school festivals other than S456.
  2. Service Rule:  Players must serve behind the baseline. At certain levels the organiser may allow beginners to serve from within the court.
  3. Net Rule/Height:  Touching of the Net is not allowed and is deemed a fault. We will play the tournament at the net height specific to the competition age range.
  4. Below the Waist Contact:  Contact of the volleyball below waist height is NOT allowed.
  5. Scoring:  Rally Point Scoring will be used.  In the rally point system the team winning the rally scores a point.  If the team who won the point had served at the start of that rally, they remain in the same player rotation.  However, if the team who won the point had been receiving serve at the start of that rally, then in addition to gaining the point, they also win service for the next rally and all their players rotate one position clockwise.
  6. Set Scores:  Set scores have been adapted in line with the philosophy of SVA national festival play where sets will be played to 25 points for all age categories.  Depending on the running time of the games some sets may go longer until the time expires, however winners will always be always be determined on points difference
  7. End of Sets:  Teams WILL NOT change ends during the match, even if a team reaches 25 points, in order to maximise playing time.
  8. Score Accumulation:  Scores will be accumulated as follows
  9. Matches:  Organisers will endeavor to play the maximum amount of matches possible and each one for the longest duration possible dependent on the number of entrants.  As an approximation, games will take between 8 & 15 minutes, dependent upon the number of entries.
  10. Balls: Match balls will be provided for each court, however, it is the responsibility of the schools to provide warm-up balls for their teams.