Scottish Volleyball Kicks off High-Performance Beach Training Camp in Tenerife

Scottish Volleyball is in the midst of a significant High-Performance Beach Warm-Weather training camp in Tenerife, taking place from February 6th to 13th and marking the inaugural month for newly appointed Head Coach and Programme Manager, Sarah Jankowitz.

A cohort of 12 athletes, encompassing both experienced performers and promising junior talents, will participate in meticulously planned training sessions. The roster is made up of; Jamie McHardy, Ben McHardy, Ewan Ramsay, Cole Turnbull, Ross McKelvie, Murray Paterson, Karolina Wroblewska, Jessica Gillies, Ellie Wylie, Mhairi Agnew, Sasha C-M, and Iona B.

This training initiative serves as a strategic buildup to the imminent 2024 CEV Beach Nations Cup in May, offering a final opportunity for Olympic qualification. The structured program comprises 11 sand sessions and four off-sand activities, with a keen focus on gender-specific sessions and potential scrimmage matches to enhance the learning experience.

Demonstrating a commitment to athlete development, the sessions will be recorded and shared internally for post-session analysis. The daily schedule emphasises aspects such as activation, movement, offensive and defensive strategies, and match play.

With a professional coaching perspective and a curated blend of seasoned and emerging talents, Scottish Volleyball anticipates a week of intensive preparation and collaboration under the Tenerife sun. All eyes are on this training camp as it sets the stage for the team’s readiness ahead of the critical 2024 CEV Beach Nations Cup in May.

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