Advert for new Commission Members

Scottish Volleyball has an exciting opportunity for our younger members (aged 16 to 24) to influence the direction and growth of Scottish Volleyball by joining our new Young Persons commission. This a new initiative to engage and involve our younger members in the conversations regarding volleyball in Scotland. Members of this group will be required to sit on other commissions, so that young people in Scotland will be represented across all our working groups in Scottish Volleyball.

“We have always tried to involve our younger members in the decisions we make at Scottish Volleyball, but this is a great way of formalising their participation. To move the sport forward the younger members need their voice heard, and we want to make that happen.” Danny Traylor, Workforce Officer.

Alongside our young person’s commission, we are looking to increase the Referee, Coaching, Beach, Special Events and Student commissions. All listed commissions are looking for new members to bring new ideas and help move the game forward in Scotland. You do not have to be active in the specific remit to join the respective commissions. We are looking for knowledge of the game, fresh ideas and a willingness to support the commissions’ work. To get to know more about each commission, click the following link (

If you are interested in joining on of our commissions, get in touch by completing this form ( ! The closing date for applications is the 18th March 2024. If you have any questions, get in touch at!


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