CEO message to members – April 30th 2020

Dear members, volunteers, officials and volleyball enthusiasts,  

Once more I look forward to welcoming volleyball back onto the court and sand. As you are all aware many decisions about our sport being played again are being determined by the current COVID-19 pandemic that all the world is suffering. All FIVB and CEV events, just like our own, are being cancelled or rescheduled and new ways of delivery are being progressed.  

The SVA Board met last week, virtually, and some immediate decisions were taken, which I can share with you all now.  

A decision on the current 2019/20 SVA Leagues and Scottish Cup competitions shall be made after this second phase of required lockdown has concluded, and when the UK and Scottish Governments provide team sports guidance and information on how we should proceed in these coming months. The SVA is hopeful that we can deliver a reduced beach tour calendar of events from July 2020, but as you are all aware this will be determined by what is best for Scotland, the UK as a whole, and keeping everyone safe and healthy. As a sports governing body, we want to support our members as much as we can. Our online delivery and courses have been well received and attended by members so far, and I want to thank you all for engaging in this. Our next month’s delivery is going to be focused on Club structure, governance, development, and in strengthening all of our policies and procedures. Please revisit the opportunities we are offering on our website and sign up to as many courses as you can, in order to take advantage of these wonderful opportunities; In the long run your club will reap the benefits once we are able to get back to the sport we all love.  

Membership renewal for the SVA begins in earnest from tomorrow, 1st May 2020. However, at these times of continuous change, the SVA Board shall extend all current memberships until 30th June 2020, thus allowing all members to access the online support and courses that we are offering at no additional cost. As from 1st July 2020, all members will be receiving a request to renew membership with us. This membership will remain at the same cost as it has been for this past year, with the planned 3% increase across all membership types being cancelled by the SVA Board. 

Below is a short summary of these decisions:  

The current SVA membership shall be extended to the 30th June 2020  

  • Membership renewals to all members shall be sent by email on the 1st July 2020  
  • The price of the membership will stay the same – there shall be no planned 3% increase for season 2020/21  
  • The season 2020/21 membership will expire 30th April 2021 which will bring the membership year back into line with the rules and regulations.  

Finally, and to conclude my update to all of our volleyball friends and family, I ask that you continue your support of us as a sport and an organisation, and look forward, as I do, to getting back to playing volleyball, but above all that everyone stays safe and healthy. 

Sending you all my sincere best wishes and kindest regards  

Margaret Ann Fleming  

CEO, Scottish Volleyball Association