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Row to the Faroes

The Faroe Islands lie approximately 700km away.  We don’t really fancy rowing there, we are a bit worried we might get lost on the way.  However, the Senior Men’s National Team Programme have decided to row the equivalent distance of Scotland to the Faroe Islands to symbolise the continuing hard work of the squad.  This hard work takes place off the court as well as on and usually involves some form of financial sacrifice.


The imminent Faroe’s trip is very costly.  The added financial pressure of arriving back in training early has also been high but also necessary to ensure we do our best to deliver a performance in the Faroes. We are eager to get there and desperate to compete but we also don’t want to be waiting years in order to compete again.  Regular exposure at a higher level is a key ingredient to making any improvement in international volleyball. 


We want to continue our adventure.  By the time we return from the Faroe Islands we will have played 6 internationals this calendar year.  That’s more than we have played in the previous 3 years combined.  We don’t want it to be the last and we really are ready to work for it.  Strength and conditioning is now embedded in our programme as is club sessions, matches and national team practice.  We know we aren’t the only ones but we are a pretty dedicated and committed group.


If you are reading this then you probably already love volleyball, or someone on the squad, or both!  Your continued support is very much appreciated and definitely not taken for granted.  We hope that our rowing project raises awareness of our determination to succeed. If you like our story and would like to make a donation to support our venture, our season, our future then we would graciously accept. 

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