The chosen ones! Senior Men’s National Team

As the start of the new domestic season draws closer, many of you will have spent the last month preparing with your clubs.  However, members of the Senior Men’s National Team Programme have been back on court for nearly two months already.

As well as club practice and a strength and conditioning programme there have been regular full day squad sessions.  If there is no rest for the wicked, then this group is very wicked!  The squad have used the tournament shifting from May to October as best they can with all players showing an improvement in their strength and conditioning during testing.  Most importantly it is now beginning to show on court.

A trip to Sheffield provided a competitive outlet for the players and a selection aid for the staff.  19 sets were racked up over the course of 2 days and handled comfortably – more evidence that the squad were busy in the weights room over the summer.  The time together also had a positive impact on ethos as well as an opportunity to ensure that recovery schedules were understood and followed.

On October 3rd the squad will fly out to participate in the Small Countries Association Finals hosted by the Faroe Islands.  Difficult matches against Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands are now just a few days away.  There is no doubt that the squad will be put under real pressure but with 3-0 wins against Ireland, Northern Ireland and England already under their belts this year the team have shown they like a challenge and are able to rise to it.

12 players travel to the tournament and they should be congratulated on their selection – they were made to work hard for it!  But the travelling party also represent the bigger group of players who have also put in the hours on the court and in the gym.  Those that travel are better prepared because of those that don’t and when the Scotland team take to the court next week they will represent all the hours of commitment put in by a far larger group. 

“as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another”


The squad:

Niall Collin

Fraser Brown

Clark Hadden

David Mexson

Edward Oldbury

Darren Martin

Jonny Black

Conor Walker

Cameron Hook

Mitchell Brown

Liam Darling

Stuart McKenzie


Head Coach – Ally Jack

Coach – Kevin Chisholm

Coach – Alistair Galloway


Team Manager – John Swan

Physio – Claire Van Raalte




Friday 4th October – Scotland v Iceland – 4pm

Saturday 5th October – Scotland v Faroe Islands  – 7pm

Sunday 6th October – Scotland v Greenland – 2pm