New talent Descends on Dundee for S456 Festival

We all know how challenging it can be for teachers and volunteers to organise time out of school. So the last think that was needed was transport issues, snow & traffic jams! 

But all schools battled past their challenges and turned up safe, well and full of enthusiasm!! It was a level of an enthusiasm that somehow managed to consistently increase throughout the day. It was a great atmosphere as the young pupils took to the court. 

For some it was 4th time at this festival alone, while for others it was their first ever volleyball match!!! 

The new schools competed well with great spirit but most importantly learned quickly, improved rapidly and reached a level far beyond their expierence levels by the end of the afternoon. 

The morning pools saw teams find their level, compete for every ball, establish systems, clarify rules, watch other teams and then try and impliment new ideas, all in a short space of time. 
The afternoon pools were something special. The music was going but you could hardly hear it for the noise of the teams on court; the noise was a mixture of support from the sidelines, with teams that were off picking a team to support if they didnt have anyone else from their school present, the noise was encouragement from the coaching and volunteers & the noise was players pushing each other and celebrating every point… fantastic to see such love for the game all in one hall. 
In the top pool for both boys and girls it came down to the matches between two schools, Belmont Academy & Queensferry HS. In the boys competition you have to go back to 2010 to find an alternative winner to the these two schools, this year was no different as they played out a couple of high level matches near the end of the tournament. It was Queensferry who edged out as winners in both competitions to do the ‘Dundee Double’.
However, the main excitment at the end of the day was actually in the bottom of the draw, where the new entrants to the competition were fighting for every point to register some wins. James Gillespie’s B took the ‘Edinburgh Derby’ against fellow entrants Tynecastle HS, while Auchmuty HS took the ‘Fife Derby’ against Madras College. 
A massive thank you to John Scrimgeour for his help with the festival and to the Lynch Sports Centre for hosting. 
A great day, great prospects, great teaching, looking forward to next year already!
Well done all all schools invovled in the day!
Boys Competition Girls Competition
1st Queensferry HS 1st Queensferry HS
2nd Belmont Academy 2nd Belmont Academy
3rd Kinross HS 3rd Queensferry HS B
4th Balmont Academy B 4th Belmont Academy B
5th Jame Gillespies HS 5th Queensferry HS C
6th Balmont Academy C 6th Kinross HS
7th James Gillespies HS B
8th Auchmuty HS
9th Madras College
10th Tynecastle HS
Graeme Spowart
Club & Participation Development Officer