Scottish Volleyball Teams Up with Hudl for Cutting-Edge Match Analysis Partnership

Scottish Volleyball proudly announces a new partnership with Hudl, a leading sports technology company, that will enhance the volleyball experience for all those involved in the SVL Premier League. This strategic collaboration, spanning the next 12 months, will equip each SVL Premier League team with Hudl Assist, a game-changing technology that guarantees the analysis of submitted games within a 24-hour turnaround time.

Scottish Volleyball is dedicated to enhancing the sport’s quality for all of the volleyball community. The partnership with Hudl, represents SV’s commitment to support one of their core values – INNOVATION – by providing a cutting-edge tool to boost performance, enrich coaching, and elevate the overall volleyball experience in line with our strategic plan, #WeAreVolleyball 2023-27.

Hudl Assist, an innovative sports analysis platform, will support SVL Premier League teams with unparalleled insights into their matches. Coaches, athletes, and members can now expect more comprehensive feedback, detailed statistics, and actionable insights than ever before. This partnership perfectly aligns with Scottish Volleyball’s vision to cultivate and support a vibrant volleyball community in Scotland.


Key Highlights of the SV and Hudl Partnership:

1. Swift Game Analysis: Hudl Assist will streamline the game analysis process, ensuring that SVL Premier League teams receive detailed match breakdowns within just 24 hours of submission. This rapid feedback will enable teams to make quicker, data-driven improvements.

2. Empowered Coaching: Ally Jack, High-Performance Coach & Coaching Manager for Scottish Volleyball, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “One of the primary aims of the partnership is to support our coaches. We want our coaches to have spend time analysing the video and data rather than collecting it. The unique nature of Hudl ensures our coaches can spend their time planning and delivering sessions that are highly relevant to their teams.” This partnership enables coaches to focus on strategies that can lead to improved team performance.

3. Athlete Empowerment: The Hudl platform also empowers athletes to actively engage in their performance analysis, deepening their understanding of their own game. This level of involvement can significantly contribute to individual player development.

4. Coach Education Enhancement: The data collected through Hudl Assist will also be instrumental in creating an effective coach education calendar. By identifying key areas for development, this partnership will support coaches in enhancing their teams’ performance levels.

5. Social Media Enrichment: Regular video footage of every SVL Premier match will be used to enhance individual club and Scottish Volleyball social media channels. Margaret Ann Fleming MBE, CEO of Scottish Volleyball, expressed her excitement, saying, “We see real value for clubs and Scottish Volleyball in increased social media engagement through regular profiling of our top-level matches. SVL Premier athletes are amateur by name but not by attitude, and we want to improve our ability to celebrate their performances.”


Sam Lloyd, Senior Vice President Elite Sports Hudl also commented on the partnership saying, “Hudl is pleased to work with Scottish Volleyball, providing teams with video breakdown and analysis to elevate their understanding of performance and their ability to gain a competitive advantage without the need for dedicated resources. Hudl Assist will help coaches and athletes get access to more in-depth data from both sides of the net, and save time to let them focus on what matters the most: coaching the team’.”

The partnership not only supports domestic performance, it will also be utilised by our National Team coaching staff.  Senior Women’s National Team Head Coach, Danny Traylor, commented: “The quick turn around Hudl offers provides an increased level of support for our National Team’s which we feel will support us not only through creating successful tactical match plans but also educating athletes on their own performance and providing increased focus in the training environment”.

Hudl not only promotes coach and athlete development, it will also support the professional development of officials.  Dave Cormie, Chair of the Referee’s Commission, explained “we will also be using the platform to offer mentoring and remote post-match evaluations to those officials actively refereeing in the SVL Premier League. This allows us to spend more time on development and less time travelling making it a far more efficient and environmentally friendly system”.

This partnership exemplifies the dedication of Scottish Volleyball and Hudl to advancing sports through innovation and excellence. As SVL Premier League teams gear up for an exciting season ahead, the addition of Hudl Assist promises to raise the standard of play, coaching, and member engagement in the sport.

Look out for highlights and data on club and SV Social media channels after the first league matches of the season.

About Hudl: 

Hudl is a pioneer in performance analysis technology, now helping more than 200K teams in 40+ global sports prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Every product, feature and tool is designed with one purpose in mind: to ensure coaches and athletes make every moment count. A complete suite of video and data products ensures coaches have the insights they need and athletes get the shot they deserve. From grassroots to the pros, more than 6M users use Hudl’s best-in-class software, hardware and services, including online coaching tools, mobile and desktop apps, smart cameras, analytics, professional consultation and more. With more than 3,500 employees operating out of 17 countries, Hudl is building the world’s most powerful network of sports video and data.

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