Exciting Growth in SVL and JSVL for the 2023-24 Season!

Scottish Volleyball are excited to see the continued growth of both the Senior and Junior Volleyball Leagues. The Senior leagues have expanded from 34 teams to 39 in the 2023-24 season, while the Junior leagues have grown from 26 teams to 27. While some of the new additions to the league are 2nd teams, the senior and junior leagues’ have both seen new clubs added to the ranks.

Dawid from Dundee Anchor told us a little bit about why they’d joined JSVL this year: “We entered the Junior league due to the club’s youth section’s tremendous growth and appetite for different kinds of competition compared to the previous season in the district league. We’re looking forward to gaining more experience through the junior SVL, not just for our U18 boys but for the whole club too, and we have aspirations of eventually joining the senior League in the future as well.”

For Val, Kelvin Valley Volleyball, joining the men’s SVL make perfect sense. “It became apparent that demand in coached volleyball training is high, and this community is buzzing with the talent and potential for forming a team, or even going further building a club.

During summer months the open sessions were an absolute hit, so we were confident in making this big last step – new team, new club, it just had to be done. We felt a lot of support from Scottish Volleyball at every step of the way. 

Kelvin Valley Volleyball have been very fortunate to collect this very talented, friendly and positively charged group of young lads with some more mature athletes. Realising that, it became apparent that the time is right to get this rolling out into a competitive team, building a new club and joining the SVL. We love this team set up and looking forward to the start of the season.”

We’re incredibly proud to see our leagues growing year on year, and look forward to seeing some amazing volleyball on show throughout the country!

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