Second High-Performance Beach Camp of 2023 begins

The Scottish Volleyball High-Performance Beach Programme has started its second winter training camp of 2023 in Tenerife, Spain, from February 26 to March 5, 2023. The camp aims to make use of the off-season work and prepare the athletes for the upcoming season as well as using evenings to develop skills and continue planning work.

Felipe Humana-Paredes, the High-Performance Programme Lead, stated, “This training camp is an excellent opportunity for our athletes to further develop their skills and tactics. We have a talented group of players, and we hope this camp will help them to continue to reach their full potential.”

Blair Pettigrew, Head of Pathways, added, “We’re excited to see how the players will progress during this training camp. It’s a chance for them to work on their game and develop their skills to the next level.”

The training camp started on Sunday 26th February, with athletes travelling out from the UK followed by a presentation of the new Scottish Volleyball Beach High-Performance Plan in the evening. The following days are filled with intensive training sessions focused on serve and receive, attacking shots, setting, defence, and transition. The players will also attend video analysis workshops led by Felipe Humana-Paredes and planning workshops to focus on new tactics and strategies as well as setting goals and outcomes for the new season.

On Thursday evening, the players will have some time for team bonding and to set values. They will discuss side-out strategies and transition strategies with Blair Pettigrew and Felipe Humana-Paredes. The training camp will conclude with gameplay sessions on Friday and Saturday before the players depart on Sunday. This winter training camp is a vital step in Scotland’s High-Performance Beach Volleyball Programme’s development, and we look forward to seeing the players’ growth in the future.