Troon Junior Beach Festival

Senior GirlsWe were one day too late this year for our usual scorching junior beach festival however the ‘breeze’ made for some interesting play for the 34 youngsters on Saturday! The morning concentrated on honing our beach skills and learning how best to deal with the conditions and the afternoon was left to some breathtaking play!
Junior boys and girls played together in 2’s and 3’s with the girls giving the boys a good run for their mney. Senior girls decided to play some 3v3 , whilst the senior boys fought out an incredibly close competition. It always surprises me – the enthusiasm, effort and skill that is displayed especially in quite challenging conditions!
 Junior Boys
Winner of the junior boys and girls was Robbie Henderson and Ross Hay, with junior girls Kirsty Neil, Corrie Gwynne and Laura Milliken competing well with the boys. A special mention to Blair Gilis and Andrew Murray who came down from sunny Lanarkshire for the day.
Winner of the senior girls was Claire Ramage, Alyson Jones and Lauren McKillop.
Winner of the senior boys was Jordan Flynn and Scott Wilson.
Once again thanks to my Troon VC teammates- Elaine, Steph, Sarah, Steven, Mike, and Emma and honorary Troonie Ryan McLeod for their invaluable assistance again!
Gillian Lyall
Senior Boys