Raising the Profile for our National Teams

Involving the players in the design of our national team clothing was an idea first muted by our west region development officer Blair Pettigrew “I have a great working relationship with Reuben and have known him for a number of years, when we approached him about getting involved with volleyball in Scotland I was thrilled that he said yes.  Knowing how Zeon work and the attention to detail they delivery I wanted the players to be at the very heart of the design process.  Understanding what the national team need and areas for improvement in previous kit designs allows us to get closer to the perfect garment to allow players to reach their maximum potential on court.  Clothing should never be a hinderance when playing sport in fact it should be the exact opposite.  Of course the look of any kit is important, it also has to comply with regulations but ask any player how it feels and how it performs is more what they are interested in, sleeves that aren’t long enough, tops that ride up on bottoms that fall down shouldn’t be issues for our players.  It has been great working with some players across the indoor and beach disciplines to better understand their clothing needs”

Darren Martin men’s national team “when the leadership group of the men’s national team asked for a volunteer to help shape and design the new kit a few months ago I volunteered straight away.  I am glad I did; it is the first time I have, in fact any of us have been asked our opinion in the national team kits.  It is exciting to be getting a bespoke kit not just an off the shelve with a badge on it.  Having met with Reuben last month and got to try and the kit and help develop the cut and style and fabric I am really excited to see the finished article”

Mel Coutts has been involved from the woman’s beach volleyball point of view “It has been great to be involved in the process of the design and material selection with the new Scottish Volleyball Zeon partnership.  Getting the right kit makes a huge difference on the beach and I was really impressed when I met Reuben last month and had the opportunity to try on some sample and discuss our needs as players.  I am pleased to see the new partnership links the kit design and off field range across both indoor and beach teams and genders.  It is a very exciting partnership and I’m looking forward to wearing the new Zeon kit as soon as possible.”

A special Scottish Volleyball TV edition is scheduled for this evening Monday 7th September at 1900hrs on Facebook with Zeon MD Reuben Herbert and some National Team players who have been involved in the design.