University Students Deliver Inclusion Session

On Sunday 24th November the University of Edinburgh Volleyball Club ran its first ever Low Intensity Inclusive Taster session. The event was accessible and open to all members of the community with no previous experience of sports necessary. Throughout the day the participants had the opportunity to try various inclusion activities such as sitting volleyball, sitting netball, and boccia.

These activities were delivered by the clubs’ Inclusion officers and volunteers, with great support from SVA staff members Andrew Fleming, Lynne Beattie & Martyn Johnstone, with Neal Herbert representing Scottish Disability Sport.

This amazing collaboration allowed for all these activities to introduce different forms of inclusive sports and therefore offered a great pallet of Low Intensity activities.

This event brought together a passionate group of people with various level of sports abilities who truly enjoyed this new experience and showed great sportsmanship throughout all of the activities.

This was the start of a much bigger goal of making sport accessible, promoting physical fitness through sport on all levels and introducing the inclusion activities as a permanent feature of the Edinburgh University Volleyball Club life.