Flying Scots – Super Surge

Flying Scots – Super Surge

On Saturday the 23rd of June the U16 Girls and U17 boys Flying Scots programme grew from 76 to 93 participants joining the East & West teams training at Perth College and Wishaw Leisure Centre. The second trial was a moment for all coaches to work with the athletes for a second time as the sessions move towards match play in preparation for the Intra Squads Competition and final selection.

On Saturday the 4th of August the Flying Scots programme will host the final of the three trials. West boys and girls trial taking place at the Citadel Leisure Centre between 10am and 3pm and the East boys and girls at Perth College 10am-4pm. There is still time to make yourself available for selection for the Intra Squads and Flying Scots International if you wish to be involved please complete the relevant paperwork within the Flying Scots Welcome Pack or contact our Club & Participation Development officer for further details.

Following the final trial selection will be made for the 20-24 athletes that will compete at the Intra Squads Tournament (per gender, per region) held on Sunday the 19th August at St Andrews University and for the final 12 players (per gender, per region) who will represent the Scotland East and West at the Flying Scots International competition also held at St Andrews University on Friday 31st August to Sunday the 2nd September.

The competition format for the Intra Squads competition has been finalised following consultation with the coaches and parents/carers steering group and will be sent to the athletes and parents/carers ahead of the competition on the 19th of August. With exciting additions to historic proceedings the buzz around the programme and events continues to grow.

All athletes are being encouraged to seek as much volleyball as possible across the summer school holidays and beyond so please check out our Club Finder, Beach Tour and reputable volleyball stores to purchase equipment and play as a family.

Friends of the Flying Scots…

We are continuing to advertise and invite members to join the ‘Friends of the Flying Scots’. Following in the path of Dundee University who granted a generous discount on hall hire. The Flying Scots programme is funded by the Scottish Volleyball Association and the player/parent/carer contributions making any support vital to the long term viability of the programme. If you or anyone you know might be able to offer support to the Flying Scots by joining the ‘Friends of the Flying Scots group please contact our Club & Participation Development Officer for further details.

I want to play my part!

If you, like our amazing team of volunteers, are inspired by the Flying Scots Programme, and would like to lend your support to the team pioneering a positive future for volleyball in Scotland, then why not get in touch. If you are a parent or carer and would like to join our event team for the Intra Squad Competition and/or International tournament, then please contact SVA Club & Participation Development Officer.