Fast Track Session 2

Fast track II setters and outside hitters.

The second of the fast track series presented by Thomas Dowens, Scotland Senior Men’s National Team Coach took place at Linlithgow Academy last Sunday the 13th of November and it was a great session. On a rather cold Sunday morning Linlithgow Academy saw an enthusiastic volleyball crowd of 18 players and 6 coaches focusing on the linkage between setters and outside hitters.
The connection between the elements of the practice was clear to see and the coherent progressions kept the mantra “Link-Target-Touch” reinforced in more complex situations. The positive attitude from all the players and coaches maximised the enjoyment but also the learning.
Special thanks to coaches Doug Crockart, Eng boo teoh, Bill Stobie, Ken Fraser, Ally Jack and of course Thomas Dowens for their hard work on keeping the enthusiasm high while gently reminding the athletes to turn their attention on the theme of the day. The athletes thoroughly enjoyed the day and are looking forward to putting their hard work into practice.




The next two fast tracks are fast approaching:

Fast track 3: Sunday the 4th of Dec 10am-1pm at Edinburgh College Granton 350 West Granton Road Edinburgh EH5 1QE.
[Theme is setters and middles, therefore junior liberos, middles and setters are welcome]
Fast Track 4: Sunday the 17th of Dec 10am-1pm at Wishaw Alexander St, Wishaw ML2 0HQ.
[Theme is setters-looking at ‘in game’ decision making therefore setters,outside hitters and middles (and liberos) are welcome]

To book a place you should contact Stephanie at the SVA Office by Email or by phone 0131 556 4633 and we will get back to you with more details