Schools put on a show as Festival hits capacity

Aberdeen Sports Village was bursting at the seems as 21 teams filled the hall full of a mixture of enthusiasm, nerves and excitment. 

There was a terrific atmosphere as a total of 64 games were played, all in great spirit. The buzz even brought in the crowds as some parents along with general centre users filled the gallery to take a glimps at the great showing down below. 

Stromness Academy made the trip over from Orkney to defend their title, bringing 10% of their school roster across in the process! It was a first festival for Banchory HS who did tremedously well given their first experience at 6v6 level, well done to everyone involved. Kemnay Academy, also at their first MACvolley senior festival brought three teams along to experience the day and did fantastically well being very organised and improving a great amount by the end of the day. 

It was the schools linked into SVL Junior programmes who were fighting for the trophy come the end of the day. In the boys competition there were only a few points seperating Queensferry, Kinross & Stromness in their matches but it was Queensferry HS who finished the day undefeated and to take home the shield. 

In the girls competition the most exciting volleyball was in the bronze pool with some very close games between the four teams. However, at the top end it all came down to the match between Aberdeen Grammar and Queensferry HS as both undefeated teams played off in the final match. It was the ‘local’ side who took home the title. 

Well done to all the teams invovled and especially to the teachers, active schools cordinators, coaches and volunteers for your organisation in bringing teams to the event and your continued development of volleyball in your area. 

Girls Competition Boys Competition
1st Aberdeen Grammar A 1st Queensferry HS
2nd Queensferry HS A 2nd Kinross HS
3rd Aberdeen Grammar B 3rd Stromness Academy A
4th Stromness Academy B    4th=   The Gordon Schools
5th Queensferry HS B 4th= Aberdeen Grammar School
6th Stromess Academy A 5th Kemnay Academy A
7th The Gordon Schools 6th Stromness Academy B 
8th Aberdeen Garmmar C 7th Stromness Academy C
9th Queensferry HS C 8th Kemnay Academy B
10th   Kemnay Academy
11th Kinross HS
12th Banchory Academy

If you have any interested in getting your school invovled in the MACvolley festival programme you can check out information HERE and any questions please just get in touch via EMAIL 

Graeme Spowart

Club & Participation Development Officer