CPD – Fuelling Performance

On the first day of March Edinburgh University hosted a very successful CPD on volleyball nutrition. Sport scientists, Lindsay Macnaughton and Sophie Wardle who have been involved with the Women’s National Volleyball Team performance programme presented to 12 of our very promising coaches who wanted to find out more about this topic.

What was fascinating about this workshop was the good pedagogical skills that both Sophie and Lindsay demonstrated throughout the two hours. Through a range of specific activities they got their audience active and make them think critically about nutrition. The discussions and problem solving tasks were relevant and specific to challenges that coaches have to deal with their clubs. This active learning approach immediately engaged all participants making them think critically about the content

Avoiding instructions they cleverly enabled the learners to discover through small exercises and social interaction that if you want to maximize athletic performances, it is critical that you consume enough calories from a variety of different food sources. A balanced intake of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats can give edge during a physical activity and make the training environment more positive.

The equally best part for this presentation was presenting the solid and rather complicated scientific nutritional information in a very simple way so all participants could understand and participate.

The goal of this workshop was to equip coaches with the knowledge and skills to be able to develop nutritional advice strategies for their players. The outstanding feedback from the attendees related to this workshop shows clearly that this goal has been achieved. I feel confident that Lindsay and Sophie with their excellent presentation skills provided our participants with a fresh perspective in approaching the area of nutrition for their clubs.

My sincere thank to Lindsay Macnaughton and Sophie Wardle for their excellent delivery I very much hope that they will continue to support Scottish Volleyball with their good work.