Season 2011-12 Schelde Sports National League Winners

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April 2012 was the weekend for excitement and conclusions in what has been another hugely demanding and enthralling year of Volleyball.

In this past season for all clubs there have been highlights and surprises! Matches have been won through adversity and matches lost with disappointment. However through it all there has been some stunning individual and team performances which have determined the silverware.

Men’s Schelde Sports NL winners

Men’s 1st Division Kilmarnock Blaze VC

Men’s 2nd Division – Dundee VC

Men’s 3rd Division – Beacon of Granite City VC

Women’s Schelde Sports NL winners

Women’s 1st Division – City of Edinburgh VC

Women’s 2nd Division – Aberdonia of Granite City VC

Well done again to all clubs involved. For your fantastic effort, dedication, determination and wonderful Volleyball commitment throughout the season.

The winners of both the men and women’s division one titles shall now represent Scottish Volleyball in the annual Celtic Cup, Saturday 19th May 2012 at Wishaw Sport Centre. The Regional Leagues shall also have their end of season Cup tournament on this date, same venue and held in the second hall. Hopefully another great day of competition

Finally it has been a tough and rewarding season for everyone from players, teams, officials, Commissions and staff; the leagues are now complete. Join us this weekend for your National Cup Finals 28th and 29th April 2012, full details on

Margaret Ann Fleming
CEO Scottish Volleyball