‘Fast Track 2009’ Session I – the setters!

Date Saturday 3rd October 2009
Venue Coltness High School, Wishaw
Time   10.00 – 16.00
Subject Fast Track Setters day

The Fast Track Programme is being re-introduced to help develop the best of our young volleyball talent, and ensure there is a clear development pathway for our top junior players into the elite performance level.    In the 2009 version of the Fast Track there will be four different themed days, to help speed along the development of players in their specialist positions.

The first of the FT Days is targeted at developing setters.  We will look at the whole range of skills and qualities associated with the craft of the Setter, and focus attention on the practices of the individuals who sign up. 

Fast Track ProgrammeIt will be intense, it will be fun, it will be rewarding, it will be demanding and to be there you need to get your Coach to nominate you.  Places on this Fast Track day will be limited, so act now!

Contact me at the SVA Office by Email, or by phone and I will get back to you with details, and hopefully the offer of a place.  Make a date, this one is important.

Thomas Dowens
SVA Director of Coaching



The other Fast Track Clinics will be;

Saturday 7th November         Outside Hitter and Setters
Saturday 6th February Middle Blockers and Setters
Satuday 13th March Whole Squad

Photographs by kind permission of John McGugan