Coaches of Scottish Volleyball to Join Tartan Talent Development Pathway

Scottish Volleyball is excited to extend an invitation to all its coaches to participate in the Tartan Talent Development Pathway.  After Monday’s invitation to our aspiring stars of the future, we would now like to extend a similar invitation to our active coaches.


**About the Tartan Talent Development Pathway**


The Tartan Talent Development Pathway will support coaches with their delivery across all levels of volleyball. The sessions will be conducted by our national team coaching staff, moving from fundamentals through to gameplay.  The regional delivery method will provide all our coaches the opportunity to be part of driving the performance of our sport forward.

**What to Expect**


– **Fundamental Skill Enhancement**: The program will focus on refining fundamental skills, ensuring that coaches can instill a strong foundation in their players.


– **Position-Specific Insights**: We understand that each position in volleyball demands unique skills and strategies. A significant portion of each session will be dedicated to position-specific guidance.


The sessions will facilitate open and honest conversations between coaches to develop coaching craft allowing individual coaches to apply principles effectively in their own context.  Whether you’re a seasoned coach looking to refine your skills or a novice coach eager to learn, this programme offers an opportunity to grow and develop with like-minded coaches keen to do the same.

Scottish Volleyball is committed to fostering excellence in volleyball, and the Tartan Talent Pathway is a crucial part of this process.  We want to create a thriving coaching community who support each other on the road to excellence.