Scotland Celebrates Success at U19 International Open Inter-Beach Championships 2023 in Cardiff

The U19 International Open Inter-Beach Volleyball Championships held in Cardiff saw outstanding performances from young talents representing Scotland. The event featured spirited competition between U19 girls and boys teams from Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Gibraltar. Despite challenging weather conditions, the players showcased their skills and determination throughout the weekend, earning accolades and recognition for their exceptional performances.

Leading the way for Scotland was the Girls Team 1, who secured a remarkable victory, claiming the gold medal and asserting their dominance on the sandy courts. Their outstanding teamwork, technique, and tenacity allowed them to rise above the competition and emerge as deserving champions. The players, Sasha Clegg-Mckeown and Iona Grace Bell in Pair 1, and Eva Blair and Lucy Paterson in Pair 2, demonstrated remarkable chemistry and composure, making their country proud.

Not far behind, the Boys Team 1 put on an impressive display of talent, securing the silver medal. The duo of Cole Turnbull and Ewan Ramsay in Pair 1, along with Keir Paterson and Adam Brogan in Pair 2, showcased their skills and determination to finish as formidable runners-up. Their performances were a testament to the dedication of the coaches and clubs that supported them in their journey to the championships.

The success didn’t stop there, as the Girls Team 2 fought fiercely to claim the bronze medal. Lauren Hislop and Jess Burns in Pair 1, and Sophie McCubbin and Jemma Harris in Pair 2, exhibited exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the tournament, earning their well-deserved spot on the podium.

Adding to the celebration, the Boys Team 2 displayed commendable efforts, securing an eighth-place finish amidst tough competition. The pairs, Calum Ferreira and Theodor Crisan in Pair 1, and Alexander Fiddes and Owen Morrison in Pair 2, showcased immense potential and determination for future growth.

Blair Pettigrew, the interim Head of Programme, High-Performance Beach Volleyball, expressed his delight at the players’ performances. He emphasized that while the objective of the event was competition exposure, it was encouraging to witness positive match results. He also highlighted the importance of focusing on developing on-court decision-making, tactical choices, and further embedding technical skills at this crucial stage of the players’ journey.

The U19 International Open Inter-Beach Championships not only served as a competitive platform but also provided valuable opportunities for young Scottish talents to play against players at a similar stage of the development pathway from other nations. The event was a testament to the growth and progress of beach volleyball in Scotland, showcasing the fruits of hard work, dedication, and encouragement provided by coaches and clubs across the country.

Congratulations to all the players who participated in the championships, and special thanks to Denise, Carl, and their crew at Cardiff Beach Volleyball Club for hosting the event. The success achieved by the Scotland teams is a testament to the rising standard of beach volleyball in the nation and promises an exciting future for the sport.

Competing Players:


  • Pair 1: Cole Turnbull/Ewan Ramsay
  • Pair 2: Keir Paterson/Adam Brogan


  • Pair 1: Calum Ferreira/Theodor Crisan
  • Pair 2: Alexander Fiddes/Owen Morrison


  • Pair 1: Sasha Clegg-Mckeown/Iona Grace Bell
  • Pair 2: Eva Blair/Lucy Paterson


  • Pair 1: Lauren Hislop/Jess Burns
  • Pair 2: Sophie McCubbin/Jemma Harris