Clarification regarding Junior National Beach Team

Junior National Beach Team and the non-attendance of Scotland at the U-19 Home Nations event in Cardiff 2021. 

On 7th July 2021 Scottish Volleyball made the decision not to enter Scottish Teams into the Home Nations event being held in Cardiff at the end of July 2021, and promptly informed national team coaches, parents, and the organisers of this decision. In communicating with parents, we highlighted that the Covid-safety of the event and the travel required was the reason for Scotland not attending. 

In making this decision we sought advice from our partners at sportscotland, the national agency for sport in Scotland, including their Chief Medical Officer.  

Scottish Volleyball’s position on this has not changed and will not change.  

Scottish Volleyball was not significantly assured in regard to the current Covid-19 risk to our young athletes, that they would be safe travelling to Wales and participating.  

We understand the disappointment that is being felt by athletes and parents and have already begun work to ensure that there are alternative opportunities for this group of children to participate more on the beach this summer. Whilst this disappointment is understood, parents, players and members should be aware that Scottish Volleyball did not take this decision lightly and tried our very best to make this happen. However, the safety of young athletes in our care must always be paramount, and on this occasion our concerns over the covid-safety were too great to continue with attendance.