Ground breaking partnership – Erasmus+ project on good governance

Major breakthrough for good governance and Volleyball

The Austrian Volleyball federation (ÖVV) is to lead the newly EU funded project ‘Governance implementation in Volleyball – Go²Volleyball’.
The men’s Italian Volleyball League (Lega Pallavolo Série A), the Croatian (HOS-CVF) and Scottish (SVA) Volleyball federations as well as Belgium sports law firm Cresta and Polish foundation Institute for Sport Governance (ISG) are partners to this 262 K€ initiative to get under way in January 2021 in Vienna (Austria). Go²VB is one of the 121 selected Erasmus+ applications (out of 1.100) and will run for 2,5 years.

“’Go²Volleyball’ aims at establishing a multi-label good governance certification in Volleyball and detailed compliance status for each national Volleyball governing body (NVGB) across Europe”, ÖVV president Gernot Leitner explains. As such, a currently non-existing, evidence-based, reliable, simple, harmonised and clear information is to be made available to the public for the first time ever.
“’Go²Volleyball’ is also dedicated to a concrete and effective implementation of good governance principles within NVGB”, ÖVV General Secretary Philipp Seel reports. In this respect, transposition of good governance provisions in the regulatory framework of NVGB will be required. Various tools as well as an innovative rewarding method are to facilitate and motivate the fulfilment of the project’s goals.

“Scottish Volleyball are delighted to partake in such a project. In doing this, we are playing our part in securing a strong future for our sport…”, says Miss Margret Ann Fleming MBE, CEO of Scottish Volleyball. She continues, “This is a great opportunity to collaborate with partners across Europe to shape a model of best practice in sports governance”. Scottish Volleyball are eager to start this fantastic project, fostering cross-national cooperation with other Volleyball federations and partners, which is essential for the development of our sport. “Participating in this innovative dialogue amongst different Volleyball stakeholders will future-proof our sport and its community”, Miss Fleming MBE concludes.

“Fans, players, clubs, officials and sports authorities will also be frequently invited to share their thoughts with us since good governance also concerns them and we want to get them on board”, ÖVV Sports Director Gottfried Rath-Zobernig concludes.

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16/12/2020, Edinburgh, Scotland




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