Working Together

Dear clubs, members, officials, coaches, and volunteers,

This Pandemic is affecting each one of us in ways none of us could have imagined. I hope that you and those you love and cherish are all well and managing to deal with this challenging time. 

As your Governing Body we have been working on every solution, plan and option which is possible to allow our sport to continue thus allowing us to also contribute to the health and well-being of our Nation. All these ideas, from Board, staff, members, coaches, volunteers and our Commissions have covered the full extent of the A-Z of the alphabet!  

However, following on from the recent announcements from Government and the expected national level system of local authority restrictions being announced by our First Minister this week, there is a clear expectation, specifically in relation to limited travel (individual or shared), that indoor facility accessibility shall be limited and that non-professional sporting competitions shall be significantly curtailed. It is now clear to us and all that a return to indoor competitive sports will be a far more protracted process than first envisaged and that there is no clear start date anticipated for our indoor national leagues for season 2020/21.  

Whilst Scottish Volleyball have done their utmost (and continue to do so) to assist in a safe return to sport and have offered outdoor opportunities during the summer for our junior beach members and clubs, we continue to face restrictions which make it impossible for an indoor national competition to function. We are now planning to offer, if possible, local regionalised competitions as soon as we can. 

To ensure all clubs, members, officials, and volunteers continue to be involved with the alternative delivery opportunities that Scottish Volleyball have been working on throughout this restricted period, we are auto-renewing all existing clubs and their members (registered for the season 2019/20) as free affiliation/membership for the remainder of this 2020/21 membership year until the next renewal date, which is due in May 2021. 

WHY – we are doing this?

Scottish Volleyball and everyone involved in our sport are a family, a community who want to play, coach, officiate, deliver events, promote a valued and healthy lifestyle, be inclusive, offer opportunities to schools, Higher Education, young and old. To do this we need to stay connected. The collection of membership from clubs and individuals is a key component in maintaining this connectivity between the Governing Body, sportscotland, the Scottish Government and with the heart of our sport you the members and your club.  
We want our sport to be in a position as we enter 2021 to offer (if possible, for this current season) regionalised and structured club competition and to be in a proactive position to contact you directly and offer organised volleyball in your Local Authority. The organisation and cost of any regional delivery will be absorbed by Scottish Volleyball through additional money we have managed to resource (sponsorship, partnerships and successful grant applications) in a sporting year when we as a sport are not generating any income apart from the agreed investment given to us through sportscotland. This investment from sportscotland is underpinning the continued existence of us as a Governing Body and ensuring that we are in a position next season to offer you all the quality membership benefits you normally expect. 

If for any reason you and/or your club do not wish to be registered for this season you can “opt out” of this free auto-renewal process by contacting Scottish Volleyball by emailing  

  • If your club registered and paid affiliation in order to apply for the “Pop Up and Play” club support opportunity we will not be offering a refund on this registration as your club has financially benefited from one of our offered COVID-19 club support projects. 
  • If you registered for an organised junior beach competition delivered this past summer, there shall be no opportunity for this registration to be refunded.  
  • If you have already re-registered for the indoor season and would like discuss a refund please contact  

We are grateful and thankful to those members who have paid and registered this year and also to those clubs and members who have embraced change and have created positive opportunities for their members which strongly demonstrates our versatility as a COVID-19 safe sport.  

Finally, keep supporting your sport; regularly visit, engage in our social media platforms, sign up to offered workshops, seminars, online learning and courses. Stay in touch with us. Send us your individual and club activities, share your news through us and we shall keep you connected to the volleyball family. 
Scottish Volleyball is Working Together, and we are united in staying Bigger, Better and Stronger. 

I miss you all, I miss our sport however I am grateful for you and your continued support in these challenging times. 

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay positive! 

Kindest regards, 
Margaret Ann Fleming MBE 
CEO Scottish Volleyball