The First Minister made a statement to Scottish Parliament yesterday to set-out a tightening of coronavirus-related restrictions, in response to an increase in the rate of spread of the virus. The priorities mentioned were to save lives and protect health, keep schools open, restart as many non-coronavirus NHS services as possible, and protect jobs by keeping businesses open where possible.


The approach announced was more targeted than earlier in the year and did not constitute a return to full lockdown. The steps announced will be reviewed in 3 weeks (it is unclear at this stage whether that will lead to a change to the next planned review point on 1 October).


The implications for sport are limited.  There are no changes to our existing outdoor volleyball guidance, therefore organised outdoor beach and grass volleyball played under Scottish Volleyball Play it Safe guidance can continue.  However, the First Minister did announce that car sharing with anyone from a different household is not permitted by law, therefore we ask that you do not car share for the purpose of any organised outdoor volleyball activity. 


The First Minister also noted that the potential changes to sport which had an indicative date of 5 October are now further delayed. As a reminder, the potential changes most relevant for sport and physical activity were:   

  • Indoor contact sport: Allowed to resume for adults and young people aged 12 and over, following relevant SGB guidance. (Currently only allowed for children under 12.)
  • Sports stadia: Allowed to re-open for limited numbers. Planned test events will go ahead and further test events may take place before 5 October.
  • Events: There will be further relaxation of restrictions on indoor and outdoor events, although this will not allow all events and particularly large events to take place.


We will continue to #PlayOurPart in supporting the Scottish Government Public Health message and continue to work with sportscotland and all partners across the sector, developing our guidance and communicating this with all of our members and the wider volleyball community on a regular basis.


Margaret Ann Fleming

CEO Scottish Volleyball