Phase 1 – Lockdown Exit Strategy “Playing it Safe”

The safeguarding of the health and wellbeing of the volleyball community and our surrounding local communities are currently Scottish Volleyball Association’s (SVA) priority during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

During this time, we understand it is important for people to be as active as possible and we recognise our sport can play a huge role in the physical and mental wellbeing of our members.  

Around this time of the year we would typically be playing outdoors, and this is why, whilst following Scottish Government guidelines of Phase 1 and helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have been developing a document to guide you to do this in a safe way outdoors. 

Scottish Volleyball, based on multiple discussions with sportscotland and the Scottish Government, has developed a guidance document for our members, to be followed during Phase 1. This is a working document subject to change with SVA adjusting these guidelines appropriately on an “as known basis” following any Scottish Government announcements and adjustments in current restrictions. 

Alongside this guidance, people should also visit the sportscotland website and read all the relevant COVID-19 information 

Please be also aware that the SVA have prepared comprehensive Phase 2 guidance for clubs, players and coaches and are currently waiting for confirmation from sportscotland and Scottish Government before we can share this with you. Scottish Volleyball is also working on a Framework for a 4 phased return to volleyball, which is currently under construction. Once we have more information, we will be able to provide further direction and guidance for every member. 

Moreover, we have created a COVID-19 Updates and Guidance page on our website, so that everyone can access the available documentation. Everything is developing quickly, so we will continuously review and develop our guidance according to the information provided by the Scottish Government. Make sure you keep up to date.  

Everyone in Scottish Volleyball fully understands how hard it has been not being able to enjoy our sport. This will have an impact on everyone’s physical and mental health. We have been longing to set up that net and go back at playing with our friends. We still cannot and we ask everyone to keep following the Scottish Government guidelines, to protect ourselves and the others. Therefore, we are pleased to support our members and will continue to work hard on creating the opportunities to make sure our sport comes back stronger than ever, even if in a different way than what we knew 

We are making small steps forward and are moving towards a new normality and for this reason we would like to highlight that this is not a return to our sport as we knew it before. Our biggest priority remains the health and wellbeing of everyone. It is essential that all players, clubs, coaches, and everyone connected with volleyball continue to follow the latest Scottish Government guidance and the information issued in our Guidance Documents”  

Margaret Ann Fleming MBE 

CEO Scottish Volleyball  

Please go here to read about our Guidance documents