From Scotland to Italy – building bridges

A week ago, our Regional Development Officer for the East, Lynne Beattie, had the great opportunity to be an online guest for a local volleyball club in Trieste, in northern Italy. ASD Olympia invited Lynne to their live interviews held on Facebook. Their live interview series is called “la diretta nero arancio” and they interview high profile guests from the world of Italian volleyball

Olympia Trieste volleyball club wanted to give this initiative an international perspective so they have invited Lynne to join the. They wanted to get to know Lynne and wanted to understand what her journey as a volleyball athlete has been and what brought her to be the team GB captain at London 2012 and now a World Tour beach volleyball player.

The interview was conducted by the vice-president of Olympia, Mattia Valles and the conversation was facilitated by our Competitions and Events Officer Veronica Rusich, who was translating from and to Italian.

The Italian audience was very interactive and gave Lynne the chance to share a lot of memorable moments of her career. The questions were many. Some people asked how it felt to be at the Olympics in your home country, representing your nation. Others asked what it takes as a young athlete to be far away from home to pursue the dream of being a professional athlete. And more Insightful technical questions regarding the transition between indoor and beach volleyball were asked to Lynne by the local athletes.

Despite the distance, the connections were easy to make. That thing we all share, volleyball, can take us very far. Thank you Olympia for giving us the chance to share the passion for our sport in such a fun and enjoyable way!


If you missed it, you can watch the interview here!