Bigger, Better, Stronger – TOGETHER

Dear members,

Hopefully my voice recording assures you that we are all in this crisis together, that really is the very positive message I had hoped to share with.

As you can see my video recording and face to face messaging out is new to me but as they say “you are never to old to learn something new” and if this Pandemic and all of the upset and sadness it brings even offers one positive new experience to me, then hopefully my video shared has been worth learning.

Just to support what I was saying. The SVA staff and Board are working hard to ensure continuity in this time of uncertainty. The staff talk by conference call every morning at 10am, therefore if you have any questions/issues you wish for us to discuss at these meetings, please email us and we shall get back to you.

All our contact details are on our website and we do want as many of your articles, views, opinions and social media posts to share with everyone, so please send them to

We shall keep you regularly updated and offer our support to you, your club and all our members.

Stay strong, stay healthy and above all stay safe,

Kindest regards

Margaret Ann Fleming MBE

CEO Scottish Volleyball