Fast Track 2019

Fast Track 2019

On Sunday 20th October Perth College hosted the first of three Fast Track sessions on ‘Developing the Setter’.  There were 29 athletes and 8 coaches in the gym for the coaching delivery by National Team coach, Thomas Dowens.

The work focussed on movement to the ball, the use of the body to play the ball and an introduction to tactics used by the setter.  There was great improvement and understanding from all involved as the gym was full of walking, skipping, sweating, smiling and setting!

The second Fast Track session is on Sunday 10 November, and will feature outside hitters as well as setters.  The venue will again be Perth College, and the session will run from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. 

The work with the setters will focus on linkage, footwork, rhythm and timing.  The work with the outside spikers will examine the mechanics of hitting and the tactics in game play.

To participate in this Fast Track session as a player or a coach, you need to contact me at:


John Scrimgeour

Interim Coaching Manager