Beach Tour Kicks off in Edinburgh

Edinburgh kicks off the Scottish Beach Volleyball tour 2019 with the first of eight scheduled tour events happening this weekend.  Yes! It’s finally here. Saturday & Sunday – the Sands of Portobello shall once again be adhorned with sun seeking sand people hitting the beach for the first events of the season. On Saturday we have championship pairs and on Sunday we have mixed 2s and 4s

Saturday 8th June Championship Pairs with men, women and junior pairs spring into action competing over 8 categories all playing for event medals and of course the coveted tour points. Each tour point gained will help in the player’s quest to being crowned overall tour champion as well as gaining valuable qualifying points for the prize Championship Finals on Saturday 7th September.

Entries are still being taken for this Saturday (deadline for entries midnight Thursday). Enter here:

Saturday Event Page:

Sunday 9th June Mixed 2s & 4s a slightly more relaxed affair by all accounts… If you’ve played a bit of beach before and you can find a like minded and able partner then the mixed 2s might be right up your street. On the other hand you might have a group of friends who you could bring together for some mixed 4s with a more recreational light hearted slant to the game.

Use this form link below to register your team in either the MIXED 4s & MIXED 2s.

Sunday Event Page:

Competitions are open to everyone. Teams must be registered in advance. All competitors must have at least a tier 3 SVA membership for the Sundays Mixed Comp and a tier 1 SVA membership for Saturday Championship Pairs. Mmemberships are valid for all beach & indoor league competitions and events until April 2020. Membership here:



Beach Volleyball Coaching: COACHING COURSE