Commonwealth Games Qualification Tournament

This weekend the Scotland Men’s and Women’s beach volleyball squads will compete in Cyprus for a place in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Both teams will spend a couple of days in Larnaca preparing for the tournament giving themselves the best opportunity for the ultimate goal. 

The men’s squad which consists of Robin Miedzybrodzki and Seain Cook have competed in the Small Countries Zonal Events as well as the Beach Volleyball Scotland Tour, Volleyball England Tour and also at the recent Eastern European Zonal Event in Estonia with some very encouraging play against some top World Level teams. The Men’s team kick off their tournament against the Welsh side they recently defeated in Portobello before facing hosts Cyprus on Saturday evening. 2 wins will guarantee the team qualifies for the event in Australia. 

The women’s team of Lynne Beattie and Melissa Coutts have competed on the FIVB, CEV and Zonal Tours this season to give themselves as much opportunities as possible to qualify for next April. After a fantastic start to the season in Australia, the team have been flying the flag for Scotland on the international scene all through the spring and summer of 2017. The women face off against the Welsh team on Friday evening before then taking on hosts Cyprus. England will then be in the Women’s teams way on Saturday in their quest to qualify for the Commonwealth Games. 

Both squads are confident and ready for this challenge. We are trying to source Live Streaming of these matches via the Cypriot Federation and will publish any links on our social media. 

Men’s Matches (Cyprus time) 

Cyprus vs Wales – Fri @ 18:30 

Scotland vs Wales – Sat @ 17:40 

Scotland vs Cyprus – Sat @ 20:30 

Women’s Matches (Cyprus Time) 

England vs Cyprus – Fri @ 16:50 

Scotland vs Wales – Fri @ 17:40 

England vs Wales – Fri @ 19:20 

Scotland vs Cyprus – Fri @ 20:10 

England vs Scotland – Sat @ 16:00 

Cyprus vs Wales – Sat @ 16:50 

Semi Final – 2nd vs 3rd – Sat @ 19:00 

Final – Sat @ 21:10 

Squad Delegations 

Men Player 1 – Robin Miedzybrodzki 

Player 2 – Seain Cook 

Coach – Graham Riddle 

S&C Specialist – Tom Walton 

Sports Psychologist – Alison Gorell

Women Player 1 – Lynne Beattie 

Player 2 – Melissa Coutts 

Coach – Martyn Johnstone 

Coach – Audrey Cooper 

Performance Consultant – Phil Moreland 

Physiotherapist – Karen Beattie