Coach development – CPD clinics

One of the strengths of the National Team Programmes is the consistent policy of linking NT Events with development opportunities for other aspects of the SVA’s performance portfolio.  The Scotland V England International Series of matches, that will be presented in Glasgow on the 20th and 21st of May, is another opportunity to demonstrate this commitment to the overall development of Scottish Volleyball.

The Scottish National Team Staff will present two CPD Clinics at the Glasgow Event, using the performances in the matches to develop a better understanding of the themes that have been identified.  The CPD Clinics will take place on Saturday 20th May and are free to registered coaches. 

The themes for the clinics have been identified through discussions with practicing coaches.  The hope is that you will sign up for one of the two workshops.  The themes are;

Topic Content Presenter

The key statistics to
be taken in matches

An examination of the points-spread statistic, the value of the information it provides, how it links to understanding the performances of individuals, and how it can be used to influence match performance. Ally Jack
The work of the
outside spikers
An examination of the skills of the outside spiker in the match situation

Eng Boo Teoh & Kevin Chisholm

The methodology will include, completion of recording sheets, observation and analyses, discussion, and the development of match strategies.

To register for one of the clinics please email Kirsteen, or for more information please contact myself.  I look forward to seeing you at Holyrood Sports Centre.

Thomas Dowens
SVA Director of Coaching
Wednesday May 3rd 2017