2017 Scottish District Cup

The 2017 Scottish District Cup came and went in a flash, but the detail in those points was more than impressive.

After the re-introduction of the District Cup 5 years ago, it was a fantastic platform for recreational players around the country to come together to enjoy and compete for the National title. Through these 5 years, the competition has turned into a title that the teams are practicing all year to try and win and bringing their ‘A game’ to the tournament. The level is at its highest with some big players not holding back and going for everything. Some of the volleyball on display can certainly be likened to what is going on in our Scottish Volleyball League’s. It was simply a pleasure to watch.

The competition itself started in fierce fashion with all the 16 teams trying to find their feet in order to gain entry into the top 8 spaces for the afternoon cup proceedings. Reigning champions Scotstoun, Team Fife, Livingston Lizards I and City of Edinburgh Juniors all topped their groups but didn’t get everything their own way.

The afternoon matches were split into another 4 divisions with teams now playing at their own levels making the matches even more competitive. The fire and determination shown by the teams was evident fighting for every point and questioning any call they could.  Scotstoun and Livingston Lizards progressed through their groups unbeaten to make the Cup Final while Arbroath and NUVOC finished 2nd in their groups to make the Bowl Final. Dundee University were having a purple patch with both their teams reaching the Plate and Spoon finals against Linlithgow Hornets and Lorn.

Dundee University II brought out their learning throughout the day to defeat Lorn in the Spoon Final (what a fantastic spoon it was too) while Dundee University I, amidst some controversy, managed to hold off perennial District Cup entry Linlithgow Hornets to make it a great day for the hosts of the competition.

Arbroath and NUVOC competed right to the end but the physical attributes of the team from Arbroath gave them the edge to lift the bowl trophy.

The final between Scotstoun and Livingston was tough, extremely competitive and full of fantastic volleyball. The experience of Scotstoun really showed early giving them a lead which Livingston struggled to catch up. Livingston were always within 4 or 5 points of Scotstoun but just couldn’t do enough to catch them which ensured Scotstoun retained their District Cup title and won a hat trick of titles.

The District Cup never fails to provide excitement, competition and dedication from all competing.

Well done to everyone who took part and everyone I am sure is already looking forward to next year’s episode.