Chris Lamont National S2/3 Festival

The Chris Lamont National festival was going to be a very busy day of volleyball. The festival was almost at capacity with all eight courts in action. There were 42 team in all entered for the day all looking to win. The tournament had a few new schools entered for their first experience of festival volleyball. With over 180 players packed in the gym we were in for a very special event.

Once the teams arrived and a short briefing the games got underway. The level of play in the morning as fantastic.  All teams were working so hard and were showing off their skills; showcasing every element of game play. The level of play was matched only by the volume inside the John Wright sport centre, which made the atmosphere electric.

Once lunch was finished, the afternoons play got underway. As expected the morning play had provided an afternoon that would not disappoint. In the boys pools it was once again an Epic Battle between the Ayrshire schools and in the Girls pool Ayrshire schools would contest for the trophy with The Capital side Queensferry thrown in for good measure.

The intensity in the gym had gone way up. The boys were showing great team play, devastating attacks and some unreal defence. The Girls pools were demonstrating fantastic service games and defensive plays to keep points alive. Every point mattered.

In the end the winning boys’ team was from Kyle academy who secured the S2/3 trophy and in the Girls pool it was the capital side from Queensferry who claimed the title on point’s difference over a very strong Kyle Academy.



The day as always needs to thank the Centre management and staff for the set-up of the hall and a massive thanks to all the staff active schools coordinators and coaches who helped get all the teams to the event. 

Andrew Fleming

Regional Development Officer – West Region