Statistics workshop for coaches 20th and 21st of December

We are pleased to announce that Rod Stockwell, who has Olympic game experience on match statistics, will be presenting again a statistics workshop for our coaches.

The objectives of this workshop is to to improve  the  knowledge  and  competence  of our coaches in the use of statistics so they can have a clear and objective way to evaluate the performance of players and their teams.

This workshop will take place on Tuesday the 20th of December (theory) and Wednesday the 21st of December (practical) at the Oriam.Data Volley allows to keep a track of both teams and every contact in real time during a point.

Come and learn how to use Data Volley – one of the premier volleyball statistical analysis tools used by many of the top European Clubs and International Teams worldwide. Once you’ve learned how to use it. Take your new knowledge back to your club and help to improve player and team effectiveness. Help coaching teams to adjust tactics as live matches unfold in front of you.

Cost: £25

Place: ORIAM, Health and Fitness, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh EH14 4AS

Date: Tuesday 20th of December (630pm to 830pm theory) and Wendnesday 21st of December (530-630pm practical review).From 130pm-5pm an opportunity will be given to the candidates to put into practice what they have learned by actually taking stats for the school games.

Candidates are advised to bring their laptops with them, alternatively they can bring a USB stick so they can have access to the programme.

For more information and bookings please email here