On the 21st of September Edinburgh University Volleyball Club (EUVC) hosted the first ever Glow in the Dark event for Edinburgh University Sports Union. Over 70 people, of all ages, came to Pleasance dressed in bright clothing, covered in neon paint, to support the event.

As the hall started filling up, the music was pumping and the party atmosphere began to take shape. The first game went on, and it was a close one. We had some experienced players on court showing everyone exactly how volleyball should look. Players and spectators together were creating an amazing carnival atmosphere as the next went game on. We had a mixture of abilities in this game but with the crowd backing them, many of the players showed some great potential.

It was amazing to see the mixture of player ability which could be found, from the complete beginner – never having played before – to the 2012 Great British Olympic Captain, Lynne Beattie. This meant there was a great opportunity for beginners to try the sport, and experienced players to find a new way of loving it.

Throughout the day, the new players improved immensely and the hall was attracting loads of attention from people walking past; asking different things about the club, the event and the sport. This has really boosted the popularity and awareness of volleyball in Edinburgh University and attracted many to join the recreational team at the university.

Have EUVC started a craze at Edinburgh University? EUSU (Edinburgh University Sports Union) are already thinking about the next sport which could venture into Glow in the Dark. This would be great for the University, but also for the Volleyball Club as there obvious success has inspired others to pick up their glow sticks and find their wacky shirts, to try Glow in the Dark

Make sure to check the EUVC website next year for a bigger, better and bouncier Glow in the Dark event!