Squad Selection for School Games 2017

The Volleyball cadet programme gives young athletes the opportunity to be part of and experience a multi-sport international event. The athletes learn the values of passion, belief, honesty, respect, determination and teamwork while testing themselves to perform their best when it matters most.

The games will take place the 31st August – 3rd September at Loughborough University. 

The development stages of the School Games Programme saw over 100 junior Volleyball players take part from many different schools from Girvan to Lerwick. 

Don’t know much about the school games? Check out this video from last year’s games to bring the experience to life – video or check out the School Games 2017 official website

The School Games are an outstanding experience for our young volleyball athletes, especially to be part of a multi-sport event with other athletes from Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Well done to all who have participated in the programme, their parental support network and to those who have been chosen to represent SVA at the School Games 2017.

Matthew Baines (C) Wing Spiker Kyle Academy
Jack Rankin (VC) Setter Belmont Academy
Craig Murray Middle Blocker Belmont Academy
David Mexson Middle Blocker Belmont Academy
Jack Anderson Wing Spiker Belmont Academy
Rory Russell Wing Spiker Belmont Academy
Jack Rennie Setter Kyle Academy
Harry Murray Middle Blocker Marr College
Greg Burnett Wing Spiker Mearns Castle
Ellis Hunter Libero Oban HS
Alasdair Lilley Middle Blocker Oban HS
Finn Charlton Universal Oban HS
Tom Rooney Head Coach
Bill Stobie Assistant Coach
John Galloway Team Manager
Kirsty Ross (C) Wing Spiker Belmont Academy
Emma Connell (VC) Middle Blocker Kyle Academy
Erin Kavanagh Setter Belmont Academy
Charlotte Trainer Wing Spiker Kyle Academy
Heather Hamilton Opposite Belmont Academy
Layla Donnelly Wing Spiker Belmont Academy
Emily Stewart Libero Kyle Academy 
Zoe Tulloch Setter Belmont Academy
Cara Gillespie Middle Blocker Calderglen HS
Laura Bailie Middle Blocker Mearns Castle HS
Kirsty MacDonald Wing Spiker Mearns Castle HS
Katie Mowatt Setter Kyle Academy
Jess Reid Head Coach
Jiliian Galloway Assistant Coach
Linda Anderson Team Manager
Logan Darling  (C) Setter Queensferry HS
Fraser Glass (VC) Opposite Queensferry HS
Euan Fraser Setter Alford Academy
Callum Campbell Opposite Kinross HS
Henry Oldbury Middle Blcoker Anderson HS
Aaron Leitch Middle Blocker Stromness Academy
Yusef Butt Middle Blocker Aberdeen Grammar School
Harris Ritchie Wing Spiker Queensferry HS
Grant Christie Wing Spiker The Gordon Schools
Matthew Hogg Libero Queensferry HS
Cameron Hook Wing Spiker James Gillespie’s HS
Jack McKelvey Libero Kinross HS
Ian Brownlee Head Coach
Doug Crockhart Assistant Coach
Heather Brownlee Team Manager * Programme Manager
Emma Waldie (C) Setter Queensferry HS
Deirdre O’Riordan (VC) Wing Spiker Aberdeen Grammar School
Ellie Stewart Wing Spiker Queensferry HS
Caitlin Robb Opposite Aberdeen Grammar School
Fynn Donaldson Middle Blocker Queensferry HS
Emi Mireilla-Munoz Middle Blocker James Gillespie’s HS
Catherine Denison Wing Spiker Aberdeen Grammar School
Carolina Wroblewska Middle Blocker Aberdeen Grammar School
Kate Renforth Setter Aberdeen Grammar School
Megan Hall Setter Queensferry HS
Rhian Murphy Middle Blocker Queensferry HS
Lisa Waldie Libero Queensferry HS
Vince Krawczyk Head Coach
Aileen Hall Assistant Coach
Zoe Smith Team Manager

Graeme Spowart

Club & Participation Development Officer