Junior men & women Beach Training

It is an exciting time ahead for Scottish Beach Volleyball as we look forward to hosting the SCD Beach Tournament in Perth at the end of May and news that Beach Volleyball will be a Commonwealth sport in 2018. This is the most opportunistic time for our beach volleyball athletes and we must grasp this with two hands.

Some of our athletes are contemplating substantial life changes and commitment to the sport, given there may be strong opportunities for the Commonwealth Games 2018, Small Nations Tournaments, and other European tournaments. With the potential accumulation of points through these added tournaments and added valuable playing experience on top of the FIVB World Tour and satellite events. This could all be extremely valuable in accessing qualification to the 2020 Olympics.

The numbers of younger athletes coming forward are currently lacking (although a few keen players are starting this Friday 8th April) and we must reiterate, that the potential to achieve what the seniors players have as their short and long terms goals, is also within your grasp! Depending on your potential talent, your ability to commit, to listen, you can challenge for a place in SCD in Perth and begin to challenge seniors in a relatively short time.Time is of the essence as we look to enter teams into Perth and need to get players on the sand asap! We also look ahead to the coming season and potential entries to tournaments down south and in Europe

Training Venue – Portobello Beach ( Stirling is also an option but I will inform you when this will happen)

Junior Men: Fridays 1800 arrival – 1830 start 20:30 finish, Sundays 0900 arrival 0930 start 12:30 finish.

Junior Women: ‎Friday 15th arrival 1800 – 1830 start – other dates TBC

~~Eligibility is junior players to be under 19 years of age by the 31st December in 2016~~~

Email Barry or Agata below if you are interested in committing to this level

Barry McGuigan – Junior Men’s Coach email
Agata Aleksandra Zaremba – Junior Women’s Coach email

Looking to start WEEK BEGINNING THE 11th APRIL

If you have ambitions to represent your country on the sand at a high level, then I’d say, start putting the time and effort right now and who knows what could happen!

If Perth is not an option for you at this time or you even if you do not make selection for the tournament in Perth, the transition and long term programme of developing into a senior player, together with the opportunities that will bring along the way will be great.

We look forward to hearing from you soon‎.
Barry McGuigan – Interim Men’s Coach
Agata Aleksandra Zaremba – Junior Women’s Coach