Net Set Go for S2/3 National Festival

On-x, Linwood hosted an eventful festival on Thursday 3rd April. 

With a few schools being unable to attend the festival was reduced from two venues to one, however, the On-x was full of young volleyballers making up over 40 teams. 

Playing 4v4 the rallies were long and the level high right from the start of the morning pools. 

There were a few schools cup warm-up matches in the afternoon pools as Kyle Academy, Woodfarm High School, Queensferry High School and Belmont Academy will all play for their place in the finals day in the next couple of weeks, this added spice to the event meant for a very competitive matches full of spirit. 

It was impressive to see lots of committed defence translated into power hitting at 4v4 school level. The future for our school games cadet squads certainly look bright (details on programme can be found via this link

Both boys and girls competitions were won by impressive Kyle Academy outfits and with 9 teams across all pools it was great to see the work undertaking by SVA Development Award winner Mr. Phillips providing dividends.  

It was certainly a challenging day with equipment failure and injuries but this also lead to perhaps the most positive aspect of the day, which was the great community spirit shown between teachers, volunteers, coaches and active schools coordinators and organisers. 

A huge thank you to all who participated in the day and helped create such a positive atmosphere.

Graeme Spowart

Club & Participation Development Officer