“Performance Profiling” workshop for our coaches.

We are delighted to announce that Phd student Ross Murray will be presenting a sport psychology workshop called “Performance Profiling” for our coaches.

This workshop will take place on Monday the 26th of October at the University of Edinburgh 46 the Pleasance from 7pm-9pm. Focusing on performance profiling and goal setting is an interactive and engaging topic.

This workshop will introduce coaches to performance profiling. This area is data driven and aligns to the plan to embed more science within our coaching education programme. Performance profiling allows coaches to work with their athletes to develop a better understanding of the athletes’ physical and psychological skill sets as well as areas that can be improved. Moreover, this workshop will interactively engage coaches to help develop specific goal setting strategies that are tailored to individuals and teams.

If you are interested in participating to this workshop please email here for receiving an application form. The cost is £5 for registered coaches