Grampian Open brings all the elements

It was a real pleasure to host you on our lovely sunny beach. On the day we had typical Scottish weather with mix of sun, rain and wind. Eleven teams competed in men division alongside with four teams in women. For the first time Scottish Women Beach Volleyball team Mel Coutts and Lynne Beattie competed in men division to prepare themselves for Olympic qualifications battle and they did a really good job finishing second in their pool behind Colin Paterson and Jack McKeown. In the other two men’s pools there were no surprises. Konrad Krawczyk and Lenard Sobieracki won pool 2 and local Aberdeen team Mariusz Chudzik and Jarek Pasko won pool 1.

Winners of pool 1 and 2 went directly to semis. In two quarter-finals we had Mel and Lynne were playing against Aberdeen team Pawel Kiszka/ Adrian Budnik. Once again they were a better side winning 2-0 (21-10, 21-19). The other quarter-final was between Colin Paterson/ Jack McKeown and Paul Johnston/ Gianluca Ghinassi. Winners of pool 3 did not let opponents to win even a set.

The first semi final was very close. Chudzik and Pasko won against Coutts and Beattie 2-1. Once again the girls showed how strong and good a team they are. The other semi between Krawczyk/Sobieracki and Paterson/McKeown point out that Polish team will be favourites  this year.

Final was played in pouring rain. Chudzik and Pasko tried their best but couldn’t stop Krawczyk and Sobieracki winning Grampian Open 2015.

Women played in a group of four. Catherine Smy and Lilian Lieber were favourites to win the pool but Jennifer Thom and Joanne Morgan showed that they also wanted to finish first. Jen and Jo won all their games beating Catherine and Lily 2-1. Both teams meet again to play in the final and this time Smy and Lieber won 2-0.

I would like to thank all who helped cleaning off beach and big thanks to Estetica Aberdeen for sponsoring. I hope that all teams enjoyed they visit in Granite City  and see you all next year.

Grampian Open Results:

1. Krawczyk/Sobieracki
2. Chudzik/Pasko
3. Paterson/McKeown
4. Coutts/ Beattie
5. Kiszka/Budnik
6. Johnson/Ghinassi
7. Salvin/Mehamed
8. Kolomaznik/Aitchison
9. Roy/Masse
10. Civkors/Indrikovs
11. Van Wachem/Walton

1. Smy/Lieber
2. Thom/Morgan
3. McKenzie/Clarkson
4. Berwian/Fox