Women’s Scottish Cup Final

Jen ThomsFirst set started nervously with the Jets asserting their authority on the Game through good choices from setter and Captain Dominika Stepien to lead 8 – 4 at the first technical time out. The Jets, steady in defence set up an excellent platform for their big spikers early in the set with Nore Stolte and Alexis Crusey showing real power. However the steadying influence in defence of Jen Thom and Melissa Coutts created a platform for a fight back as the initial Jets bombardment was countered. The City team put themselves in front by the second technical time out to lead 16 – 12. Coutts was finding it hard to penetrate the defence of the Jets but made the points that counted to support a dominant effort by Naomi Symonds and Chloe Rutherford. Despite the increasing power in offence from City the Jets managed to get back to 18 – 20 before a cruial time out called by City Coach Craig Faill. The extra composure form City they closed out the set 25 – 19 after a string of unforced errors from the Jets power hitters.

The second set was a much more even start with the Jets choosing to slow the play down and focus on solid hitting off high sets. However the City team seemed to have everything go their way as they went to the first technical time out 8 – 5. Jets middle Ace Katarzyna Chmiel work tirelessly to raise the level of the Jets Game with solid blocking and hitting but the unforced errors continued to mount letting the City  get to 16 – 9 at the second technical. Jen Thoms by now was completely dominating the right side of the court in both offense and defence bringing Chloe Rutherford into the game and piling the pressure on the Jets. The Jets called a time out at 16 – 23 and really needed to change something. Their defence was too focused on the middle of the court and the City team exploited this weakness by powering deep into the corners of the court forcing errors from the Jets. City won the second 25 – 17.

Continued ragged defence and inconsistent play saw City race to a 8 – 2 lead in the third set. This translated to 16 – 7 at the second technical time out and it seemed like there was no denying the City of Edinburgh their title. City of Edinburgh went onto win 25 – 14 fittingly off the block of their setter Joanne Morgan who made the most of a solid defensive effort to make the most the the City’s very experienced offensive unit.

City of Edinburgh defeated Edinburgh Jets 3 – 0 and look set to dominate the women’s games for as long as these players want to keep playing.