SVA Agrees new Sponsorship

COCO5 is an innovative all natural coconut water based rehydration drink developed in USA by a team of professional National Ice Hockey League sports medicine experts and sports nutritionists determined to invent a healthier drink for professional athletes and physically active people of all ages.

Some of the major benefits of the product are:

•  Eliminates chemical additives, preservatives and dyes
•  Offers a reduced and all natural sugar content.
•  Replace fluids lost through sweat.
•  Restore electrolytes depleted during exercise.
•  Reduce cramping and gastric distress often experienced with conventional sports drinks.

Scottish Volleyball Association Chief Executive Officer Margaret Ann Fleming commented on the sponsorship. ‘I am delighted Scottish Volleyball has gained a forward thinking sponsor and partner in COCO5. Not only are the team behind the product fantastic to work with, but this is a great opportunity for our clubs to receive something from this sponsorship too’. COCO5 will now become the headline sponsor for our showcase Finals Weekend 18th-19th April 2015 as well as providing high performance drinks to our National Team athletes.

Clubs will have the opportunity to sell the product within their own communities and receive a cash back bonus for doing so. This information will be sent to clubs at the beginning of May. If you wish to know more about this before the club launch date, please contact

COCO5 will be ever present at this year’s COCO5 Finals Weekend, so this will be a fantastic opportunity to meet the team and test the product.