Aberdeen Grammar School

The first School Volleyball programme to be featured in the MACvolley meet me @ the school is Aberdeen Grammar School. 

The event featured was the first ever Scottish Schools match for the school as they took on James Gillespies HS in what was also their first match.

School: Aberdeen Grammar School
No. of Players: 70 (after school)
Competitions: JNL U15 girls, S2/3 girls & S4/5/6 Boys Schools Cup, MACvolley Festival Programme. 
Head of Volleyball: Mr Allan
Club Link: Beacon Volleyball Club

The match started well for Aberdeen Grammar taking an early lead in the match with some clever setting and good defence. James Gillespie’s exposure to the JNL through their club link with Calvary Park NUVOC became evident. The visitors didn’t panic and get better and better as the set went on taking a 19-25 lead in the match. 

Grammar again started strong taking an 8-3 lead in the 2nd set through some clever hitting from outside hitter and captain Marc Walton. Gillespie’s fought back again with strong serving runs from Scotland Junior players Sean Stobie and Lars Fischer. 

The match was beginner to have everything from Quick middle attacks to kill blocks and from great defence to power hitting. It was certainly a match that was above the standard expected of two new entrants into the competition. 

James Gillespie’s experience shown through again as they took the 2nd set 18-25. 

The home side from the Granite City showed great fight to continue on fighting for the 3rd set as their performance continued to improve as the match progressed. Aberdeen Grammar won the 3rd set 15-12. 

Match Highlights

Player Profile
Name: Marc Walton
Position: Wing Spiker
Age: 17
No. of Years Playing Volleyball: 1 year
Q. How did you get involved?
A. Used to play a lot of football and cricket but I saw there was an after school club set-up so I thought I would give it a try.
Q. What’s your favourite thing about volleyball?
A. The team environement. The spirit with 6 players is nice and close and there is a real positive attitude that comes with the game.
What did you enjpoy most about today’s game?
A. It was good to win a set as everyone was playing together and at times played very well. That was the most enjoyable time during the match.

In Preperation for entry into the school cup, Mr Allan has brought teams along to the MACvolley School Festival programme in Dundee, Huntly and Grangemouth. 

The developments of the programme at the school are not just limited to playing in competitions. 

The school took a lead in organising a P7/S1 school festival which was very successful and ran a junior refereeing course for their members. 

Teacher’s Corner
Q. How did the volleyball programme get started?
A. There used to be a lunchtime club at the school but it wasn’t very popular due to it being during lunch. After the olympics in 2012 a few girls in S4 asked if they could start an after school club.
Q. How does your School-Club link work?
A. The school has a strong link to Beacon VC/Granite City. 3 Grammar students currently compete in the national league for the club side. The club has moved training to the school and put on junior sessions prior to the senior sessions.