Giving back……….GB Athlete Shauna Mullin

Shauna Mullin London 2012Over the past week our vey own Shauna Mullin, Olympic beach athlete has been promoting volleyball within schools in support of the SVA and local authorities.

Margaret Ann Fleming, CEO Scottish Volleyball said “this was an excellent offer made by Shauna and one which we were delighted to support. Shauna is a credit to our sport, her family, friends, GB team mates and programme. If anything is going to inspire the next generation of volleyball players then meeting Shauna will, in my view make these young people pick volleyball as their sport for life. A huge thank you to Shauna from all at the SVA”

Shauna said in response to some of the questions from her young audience that ……..

 “Achieving my dreams of becoming an Olympian came true in the summer of 2012.  I was part of the greatest celebration of sport this summer in London, and as the percentage of athletes who become Olympians is small, the amount of those athletes who compete in an OlympicShauna Visiting Schoolss at home is even smaller. Those statistics made my experience this summer even more special and truly one to cherish.”

Shauna also continued to say …….”Playing in front of 15,000 people at Horse Guards Parade was one of the best experiences of my life.  The reception that the sport and my team received from the public was incredible and totally unexpected. Walking onto court before our first match against Canada blew me away.  The unwavering support; through the good and tough times on court were made easier by the energy the crowd maintained through every point.”

Shauna With School KidsOn giving something back!! Shauna said………”Coming out of the Olympics, we wanted to ride the wave of excitement and exposure. We felt it was important for the future growth of the sport.  The reaction of school children of all ages captured my attention especially, so I took the opportunity to promote volleyball and beach volleyball in schools within Edinburgh.  Due to my connection with Edinburgh, I wanted to show young kids of the city what you can achieve with hard work, sacrifice and loving what you do.”    

Giving a talk to the kidsThe final word to Shauna………..”It has been through a mix of practical sessions and presentations, that I have shared my experiences with 17 schools, both primary and secondary. The reception, interest, excitement and motivation found on my visits are inspiring. Seeing what sharing my experiences has created, and the energy it has generated towards the building and following of your dreams; is, I believe the key behind inspiring a generation.



Shauna Mullin
GB Beach Athlete
SVA Associated Member